7 Newscasters Swearing on Live TV (VIDEOS)

The first day on a new job is usually a bit scary. First impressions are extremely important.

A.J. Clemente would probably give anything for a do-over.

During the opening moments of his very first broadcast on an NBC affiliate, the nervous young anchor said something a rather inappropriate. Namely, “f***ing sh*t” (but without the softening benefit of asterisks).

Clemente was, of course, mortified when he realized that his mic was live, and the ensuing banter with his co-host is cringe-inducingly awkward.

He apologized for the slip-up on Twitter last night, summarizing the mishap with what was probably a drastic understatement: “Tough day.”

But Clemente shouldn’t beat himself up too much about it. He’s certainly not the first newscaster to cuss on the air — and he won’t be the last. In a very literal sense, sh*t happens on live television.

Here are a few of the foul-mouthed pioneers who paved the way. Obviously, there’s some NSFW language, so headphones are recommended.

And, for good measure, the classic Bill O’Reilly freakout.

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