WATCH: Best Wife Ever Makes Amazing Birthday Video For Her Husband

leigh-lahav video

Photo via YouTube

When Leigh Lahav decided to make a special video for her hubby, Oren Medezitsky, she really went to town.

No, not that kind of video.

She did something far more creative — and far more likely to become a YouTube phenomenon — than some naughty home movie.

She used her considerable video editing skills to create a birthday video that emulated the opening credits of roughly a dozen hit TV shows, but all cleverly modified to capture elements of her hubby’s life.


In case you weren’t keeping track, the shows whose credits she mimicked were, in order: Mad Men, Arrested Development, Lost, 30 Rock, Frasier, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Adventure Time, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls and Community.

Clearly, Leigh is the coolest wife ever. Oren, we hate you for finding her first. Happy birthday, jerk.


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