Nintendo Power Glove Is Back! Sort Of (VIDEO)

Nintendo power glove

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The Nintendo Power Glove was the must-have accessory for every video gamer in 1989.

Until, that is, they actually tried it on and attempted to play games with it. Then it was the must-sell-at-yard-sale accessory for every video gamer in 1990.

The idea was amazing: a motion sensitive interface that allowed players to interact with onscreen action in real time. The execution, however, was clunkier than a bag of anvils.

Despite the best marketing efforts of the Nintendo juggernaut — the glove was featured prominently in The Wizard, essentially a feature-film-o-mercial starring a prepubescent Fred Savage — the accessory tanked after only its two games, Super Glove Ball and Bad Street Brawler, failed to catch on.

Who’da thunk this game wouldn’t be a hit?

Even though it sucked aplenty, the Power Glove remains an vital artifact of gaming history, and in many ways it was was an ahead-of-its-time precursor to the Wii, the PlayStation Move and Xbox Kinect.

nintendo power glove

Photo via Fangamer

And kids who once dreamed of owning one, then regretted owning one, are now all grown up and have grown-up responsibilities to handle. Cooking, for instance.

For those nostalgic man-children (and woman-children), the good people at Fangamer have created the Power Mitt, which allows you to remove piping hot casseroles from the oven… to the extreme!

The Power Mitt is imprinted with a design featuring the hodgepodge of buttons, wires and assorted knick-knackery found on the original Power Glove — and they’re just about as useful as the crap on the original Power Glove.

The commercial for the Power Mitt is pretty rad, and resurrects the infamous catch-phrase immortalized in The Wizard: “I love the Power Glove — it’s so bad!”

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