5 Epic High-Fives for National High Five Day (VIDEOS)

national-high-five-dayToday, the third Thursday of April, is National High Five Day.

You’re probably thinking to yourself: “What in God’s name am I doing at work/school on a holiday?!”

Sadly, National High Five Day has not yet been acknowledged as an official day of rest (nor widely acknowledged at all). When that happens, though, there will undoubtedly be high-fives aplenty.

For now, the best way to commemorate this relatively unknown un-holiday is to check out five of the awesomest/awfullest high-fives in handslapping history.

5. Philadelphia Eagles Owner High Fives Wife’s Face

4. The Slow-Mo Sideslap

3. The American Idol Blind Guy High Five

2. The Uber-Manly Masters-Winning High Five

1. The Jackass High Five

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