The Google Earth ‘Murder’ Solved by Reddit Detectives (PHOTOS)

Last week, an image from Google Earth emerged on Reddit, which seemingly depicted a gruesome murder scene on a circular dock jutting into a lake in the Netherlands.

The satellite image did indeed seem to capture two killers looming above a corpse in a blood-spattered scene, as if preparing to dump the body in the lake.


Photo via Reddit

While Dutch police seemed indifferent to the case, Redditors sprung into action, using their nerdy know-how to reveal the alleged murder as a case of aerial mistaken identity.

Redditor xythrowawayy zoomed in closer on the scene for a better look, using a little-known technique of altering the Google Earth URL, which allows users to see higher-resolution images than by default.

Using these better images, another Redditor named Bennyboy1337 got down to the business of decoding what, exactly, had happened on that Dutch dock. The answer, he said, was more “awww” than “ahhh!!!”

“Looks like a dog got out of the water and shook itself dry, then walked off the dock while dripping water, the wet wood looks much darker in color. You can clearly see where the dog shook, walked off the deck, then walked back to his owner on a separate lighter colored path on the bottom,” he wrote. “Mystery solved.”

Google-earth-murder solved

Photo via Reddit

For those who are still reviewing the maps satellite view and analyzing the image with other tools for something more macabre than a canine romp in the park, a Redditor with the charming handle of shitty_hdr spelled it out:

google earth murder debunked

Photo via Reddit

Case closed.

This is certainly not the first time the Reddit community has demonstrated the “infinite number of monkeys” theory of collective wisdom.

The pooled brainpower of Reddit quickly debunked the video of the baby-snatching eagle in Montreal last year, pointing out subtle flaws in the clip that indicated CGI.

Now the armchair sleuths of the Reddit community are pooling clues gathered from across the interwebs in hopes of tracking down the Boston bomber. Finding a real-life killer will surely prove tougher than identifying a soggy doggy on a dutch dock, but it’s not inconceivable — especially with crack detectives like shitty_hdr on the case.

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