Wrestling Conspiracy! Was the Montreal Screwjob a Hoax? (VIDEO)

montreal screwjob conspiracy theory

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Everybody knows the moon landings were faked, the government covered up the UFO crash at Roswell, and Barack Obama is actually a reptilian overlord bent on galactic domination.

Those are no-brainers, given the overwhelming mountain of evidence.

But brace yourselves for the most shocking conspiracy theory of all: the infamous Montreal Screwjob, in which wrestler Bret “The Hitman” Hart was double-crossed by billionaire promoter Vince McMahon, was a hoax.


This is the jaw-dropping allegation made by a new documentary called The Montreal Theory, which blows the lid off the 16-year-old cold case.

The official story — the one the powers-that-be want you to believe — is that Hart was the unwitting victim of a last-minute audible called by McMahon and enacted by the referee, forcing Hart to lose his farewell match in front of his Canadian countrymen.

According to the new documentary, however, the Hitman may have been a complicit participant in the ruse, conspiring with McMahon and opponent Shawn Michaels to dupe the viewing public.


Clearly a slam-dunk expose.

Mind you, the trailer doesn’t answer a few nagging questions.

Why, for instance, did Bret Hart spend so many years openly and bitterly badmouthing his former employer if he was truly in on the ruse? What about the black eye and sprained ankle Vince McMahon suffered due to a knuckle sandwich from an enraged Hitman? Could professional wrestlers, whose acting skills tend to display the same knack for nuance and subtlety as a football mascot’s, have convincingly faked their visceral reactions to the screwjob?

The biggest question of all: professional wrestling outcomes are rigged?!

Maybe some more investigation is needed. And there’s only one man who can find the truth.

montreal screwjob conspiracy

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