Former NFL Player Joe Andruzzi Helped Boston Marathon Bombing Victims Because It’s in His Blood

Photo credit: Bill Greene / The Boston Globe

Former New England Patriots guard Joe Andruzzi was in the vicinity of the Boston Marathon finish line when the two explosions went off yesterday, killing three and sending more than 100 people to the hospital. He was actively tweeting prior to the blasts and then he wasn’t heard from for several hours after they went off, prompting speculation that he may have been among the victims.

Nope. He was just too busy helping rescue people to update his Twitter feed.

He later confirmed that he and his wife were fine:

Jumping into the line of fire to help rescue people runs in Andruzzi’s blood, as it turns out. His dad was a cop. Three of his brothers are firemen in New York City — and were among the first responders on September 11, 2001.

Though Joe’s career took a different path — he earned three Super Bowl rings as an offensive guard with the Patriots and retired from the NFL in 2007 — it’s clear that the same values found in his brothers are present in him.

Really, it should be no surprise to see that Andruzzi was so quick to help others in their time of need. In 2007, he was diagnosed with non-Hodkin’s Burkitt’s lymphoma and underwent aggressive chemotherapy treatments. If anyone would understand that sometimes people need a bit of help from strangers, it would be him.

The photo of Andruzzi carrying an injured woman away from the scene has become one of the iconic images from yesterday’s senseless violence. Though his future actions probably won’t be so widely publicized, it’s a safe bet that Andruzzi isn’t done helping others.

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