Real-Life Batman Goes From Crimefighter to Criminal

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Last month, we shared with you the story of Batman.

Not the Batman, mind you, but a Batman. The caped crusader in question was a bit pudgier than the one portrayed by Christian Bale and Michael Keaton — even squishier around the midsection than Adam West — but he still fought crime.

When we first met the so-called Bradford Batman (named for the British town where he was spotted), he had arrived unexpectedly at the local police station to turn in a criminal he nabbed.

Clad in a loose-fitting grey and blue costume, the not-so-Dark Knight handed over an alleged crook to the coppers before vanishing into the night.

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It seemed the town of Bradford had its very own superhero.

No such luck, it turns out.

It seems the man under the mask was Stan Worby, a 39-year-old Chinese food delivery driver.

Worby has just been arrested for allegedly burgling a Bradford garage.

The kicker: he seemed to be doing his burgling with a trusty sidekick: not Robin, but instead the very same criminal he had dropped off at the police station just weeks ago.

Just a month ago, Worby was being hailed by a hero, especially by himself: “I deserve a medal,” he told reporters. “I’m a caped crusader.”

Now he and his sidekick are awaiting trial for the alleged theft of power tools.

We can’t wait for part three of this Dark Knight trilogy.

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