Fan With Giant Novelty Glove Catches Foul Ball (VIDEO)

novelty glove fly ball

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Countless baseball fans bring their gloves to the stadium, hoping to catch a foul ball.

Only a ridiculous few, however, show up with a novelty glove big enough to snag an errant bowling ball.

Every once in a blue moon, one of those shameless goofballs actually makes the catch.

Take this goofball at last night’s game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals:

It’s hard not to love the guy.

He’s just so gosh-darned proud of himself, despite the fact that, given the enormity of his glove, that ball was easier to catch than herpes in the backroom of a Vegas strip club.

That grin on his face, that sly nod to the people around him — they wordlessly convey a message loud and clear: “Yeah, you know you want one.”

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