Kansas City Chiefs Are Dying to Trade First Pick in Draft, But Does Anyone Want It?

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Manolith’s own David Woods called this one weeks ago: the Kansas City Chiefs feigning great interest in NFL quarterback prospect Geno Smith was nothing more than smoke and mirrors — an apparent ploy to develop interest in the soon-to-be rookie, hoping someone would fall in love with him.

Sorry, Chiefs. It didn’t work.

Now, the Chiefs have come clean. They don’t want Geno Smith. Heck, they just signed Alex Smith. They’re listening to all offers for that No. 1 overall pick. And, according to Mike Freeman of CBS Sports, they’re “begging” to get this pick off their hands in exchange for the bounty it’s worth. But are there any takers?

Few teams have expressed interest in any of the quarterbacks in the 2013 draft class. In terms of coaches and management expressing great desire for any particular player, Rex Ryan is reportedly in love with Barkevious Mingo from LSU. That’s understandable. Mingo may have the biggest upside of any player taken in this year’s draft, but the Jets (as foolish as they seem) aren’t giving up what they’d need to in order to take Mingo at No. 1. Besides, Mingo is more of a mid-first-round prospect and the Jets are already sitting at No. 9.

So it’s safe to assume the Jets aren’t going to put an offer on the table, but will another franchise could offer up its first- and second-round picks, plus maybe some players and/or picks in subsequent years for that top spot?

Don’t count on it.

The Chiefs stand to benefit in trading their pick away, but they’ve missed several golden opportunities. Chiefs fans are more than likey going to have to come to terms with the likelihood that their team’s pick won’t be a sexy one. Instead, it will probably be Texas A&M OT, Luke Joeckel.

Nothing’s set in stone yet, however. The Chiefs still have 10 days to try to drastically shake up the upcoming draft. Keep an eye on whether they move offensive tackle Branden Albert in a trade. If he goes, the Chiefs are definitely going with Joeckel. Then again, the team could simply go with Joeckel regardless and bump Albert to the right side.

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