Mike Rice Fired as Rutgers Head Coach, But Not as Girls Basketball Head Coach

Photo credit: Debby Wong / USA TODAY Sports

Former Rutgers head coach Mike Rice was deemed unfit to lead a team of college students after video of him verbally and physically abusing players emerged, but he remains in a position of authority over pre-teen girls to this day, according to a report from a relatively unknown basketball columnist.

Brian Geltzeiler of HoopsCritic.com tweeted yesterday that, despite his highly publicized firing from Rutgers, Rice remains the coach of a seventh-grade girls AAU team.

How is this possible? How could the man who threw basketballs at the heads of his players and screamed homophobic slurs possibly hold onto his job as coach of a team of 12-year-old girls?

Apparently, some of the girls’ parents even support him. He’s been involved with the team for a long time now, as his daughter Katie is a player.

Still, it’s difficult to believe there isn’t outrage over his presence at games — and it becomes next to impossible when you find out that he still hasn’t learned how to treat his players with dignity:

There’s no question that Rice is an excellent basketball mind. In terms of Xs and Os, he’s likely miles ahead of every other grade school girls basketball coach in the nation. It’s absolutely unacceptable that he should remain in such a position, though.

It’s one thing (a very unacceptable thing) to demean your players when they are college-aged men. It’s something entirely different when they are impressionable young girls.

Now that this story has hit the mainstream, it won’t be long until Rice is out of his second job in a matter of weeks. Even if there are some parents who value winning enough to allow him to be around their kids, the media attention that’s about to be focused on a team of 12-year-old girls if he isn’t fired immediately will be more than enough to make Rice’s presence unwanted by all.

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