YouTube’s Tape Mode Gives Clips That Vintage VHS Vibe

youtube vhs mode

Photo via YouTube

If you’re old enough to remember VHS tapes, you’re old enough to feel a little nostalgic for wonky annoyances like vertical tracking, image stretch and the inevitable self-destruction.

It seems the folks at YouTube are feeling a little nostalgic themselves, as they have just introduced a new Tape Mode, which instantly adds static, wobble, distortion and other artifacts of the VHS experience.

tape-mode youtube

Photo via

The new (old) feature commemorates the anniversary of the Ampex VRX-1000, the world’s first general purpose videotape recorder, which made its debut 57 years ago this week at the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters Convention.

The feature is only available on certain videos, by clicking a little icon under the video that looks like a VHS tape.

While it provides a fun little jaunt down memory lane, it’s also a reminder of how awesome and convenient digital video is compared to its clunky cellulose ancestor.

Prediction: 20 years from now, the nanochips embedded in the optic centers of our brains will have a nostalgic feature that allows you to re-live the long-forgotten experience of sitting in front of a computer.

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