Unsurprisingly, PSY’s New Song ‘Gentleman’ Sucks (AUDIO)

No one remembers Los del Rio’s follow-up to the “Macarena.” No one remembers Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 6.”

Similarly, no one’s gonna remember “Gentleman,” PSY’s carefully crafted attempt to recapture some of the magic of “Gangnam Style.”

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The success of “Gangnam Style” was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so it should come as no surprise that the song’s long-awaited (seriously, it feels like years since “Gangnam Style” was a thing) follow-up fails to live up to the hype.

Actually, check that. It’s doesn’t just fall short of “Gangnam Style” — it’s not even in the same universe. It outright sucks. It’s not catchy. It’s not interesting. It just drones on and on.

Most of the song is in Korean, as expected. Like the “Hey sexy lady” line in “Gangnam Style,” there are a few carefully placed English lyrics. “I’m a mother-father gentleman,” PSY sings (talks?) in the chorus, for some reason (maybe he’s a fan of the TBS edit of Die Hard).

“Damn girl, you so freaking sexy,” and “Gonna make you sweat, gonna make you wet, you know who I am,” also show up, but it’s hard to imagine these lines capturing the imagination of Westerners.

It’s gonna take one heck of a video — with something equivalent to the horsey dance times a million — to make this boring track into a hit.

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9 Responses to Unsurprisingly, PSY’s New Song ‘Gentleman’ Sucks (AUDIO)

  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    Yeah. It sucks. So did Gangnam… I can already see people with their half-bounce, drink held in the air, breathing in the polluted air of West Hollywood, dance to this piece of poop. Gonna be an awesome summer in L.A.

    • VERYNotImpressed says:

      What’s up with Psy’s new video release? He’s a “Mother Father Gentleman” who we see in the video act victimizing women, children and friends? What kind of Gentleman act, none at all, it’s not even a goof, if they are pranks they are not appealing, really rude, graphic and maybe a touch sadistic… See that in Korea so many attended his opening performance and there is absolutely no role model or King of cool in his act, He thinks that’s cool; Not… do they think that’s cool? Very concerning.

  2. The song doesn’t have a hook.
    “Gangnam” was literally “borrowed” off Ricky Martin’s “Cup Of Life” song.
    Sounds like he didn’t borrow from Ricky this time. Maybe that’s why it sucks?

    For the video, the video is coming out post-Harlem Shake.
    You know the youtube viral hit craze? Some scenes of ‘Gentlemen’ look like wannabe Harlem Shakes — like the clips in the tent with 20+ people.

    I think people are tired of seeing groups of people dancing crazy to electro. So his video with tons of people acting cray-cray isn’t very fresh.

    I think the video is still going to get millions of views, because of anticipation and curiosity. That’s it. He could have released a follow-up song of himself humming and it would have gotten millions of listeners.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Gangnam was literally borrowed off Ricky Martin’s Cup Of Life song??? Wel that’s a dumb thing to say.

  3. Extremely amateurish and stupid. Psy has the future of a 1960’s camera flashbulb; meaning, pooof and it will be over. William Hung he is not.

  4. I found Gangnam Style amusing in the start because of the dance, but then it was shoved down my throat at every turn, I got tired quickly. The radio, the shops at the mall, the night clubs, everywhere I went… When I have to listen to something constantly, things lose popularity with me pretty quickly.

    I wanted to give “Gentleman” a chance though, but it’s pretty shrill in my ears, I had to turn it off before the video ended. It just seemed like a watered down Gangnam Style, and while it gets a lot of views, I guess people are just watching it because it’s Psy. I hope I don’t have to suffer through many months getting this shoved in my face everywhere I go.

  5. Second song? The first “opus” was really a song? I did not know… They both sucks imho.

  6. Alex from Jabei says:

    I like the guy on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and I subscribed to him on YouTube. I can tell you that this actual dude once Tweeted that Gentleman made Billboard 100, so now he is far from a one-hit wonder. Do your research, noob.

  7. We have become sooo loose with what we call music and what we accept as talent..this guy is a joke and a bad one at that. pop culture/music is this slow murder of real music, talent,creativity and originality…This chump,Bieber,Gaga all unoriginal either complete jokes or rip offs of other pop jokes that came before them…all a yawn and very very tiresome flash and no substance yawn….