Hockey Player Tries to Intimidate Opponent By Licking His Face (VIDEO)

The Montreal Canadiens beat up on the hapless Buffalo Sabres in their own arena last night, winning 5-1 and clinching a spot in the NHL playoffs.

The Canadiens were too fast, too skilled and too determined for the Sabres to keep up. Montreal didn’t win every battle on the ice, however. There was one area where the Sabres dominated the game: sheer creepiness.

Photo via YouTube

In a move that’s as puzzling as anything we’ve seen in the NHL in years, Sabres enforcer Steve Ott decided he would attempt to intimidate a Canadiens player prior to a faceoff.

His strategy for striking fear into his opponent’s heart? Licking his face.

Unorthodox, to say the least. Probably not very effective, either — unless his goal was to induce dry heaving.

Luckily for Jeff Halpern, he wears a helmet with a visor, and Ott got a tongueful of plastic (and sweat, probably).

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