Is Live, But It Doesn’t Do Anything Yet

Photo credit: Twitter

For a few weeks now, there have been rumblings that the people running Twitter are looking to get into the music streaming game currently dominated by services like Spotify and Rdio.

Today, we have our confirmation.

If you head over to, you’ll see what appears to be the eventual home of Twitter’s foray into the world of streaming. The domain is live, but the site doesn’t actually do anything right now. Sometimes companies will claim a domain just so others are unable to go to a domain registration website and register it in hopes of getting money for it. There is, however, a big #music hashtag and your only option as a user is to log in, but logging in just takes you back to the screen that asks you to log in. In other words, this clearly isn’t the final product.

It kind of seems like Twitter might have accidentally pushed the service live before it’s ready to be unveiled — and we might see them take it down now that the world has realized it’s up. Better hurry over there quickly if you want to see it. But, again, there really isn’t much to see.

According to AllThingsD, Twitter will officially launch the service sometime during the Coachella music festival this weekend, so we might not have to wait too long to see the full extent of what Twitter has in store for music lovers.

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