Zack Greinke Fractures Collarbone in Brawl vs. Padres (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Jake Roth / USA TODAY Sports

Zack Greinke is one interesting dude. His pitch repertoire is nasty and his occasional on-the-field awkwardness, with the ever-present threat that he’ll do something WTF, makes him one to watch every outing. On Thursday night, he definitely sprinkled a little WTF into his pitch selection.

After striking out Carlos Quentin early in Thursday’s Dodgers vs. Padres match-up, Greinke hit Quentin with a pitch in the bottom of the sixth inning. One can’t say whether the pitch really “got away” from Greinke, or if he was retaliating for a pitch that got a little too close to Dodgers slugger Matt Kemp earlier in the game.

Not a big deal, right? Carlos Quentin gets hit all the time. Unfortunately, Greinke has hit Quentin more than he’s hit anyone else throughout his career. This was the third time. Each time, the pitches have been high and tight. Thursday’s seemed a little bush league, considering his catcher called for a fastball away. It was a full count in a one-run game, so an intentional hit didn’t really make sense … but it is Zack Greinke, after all. He’s just wired differently.  Things might have been left at a stare down, but Greinke clearly said something to Quentin.

After the brief eye contact and discussion between the players, this happened.

What sucks for Greinke (and Dodgers fans) is the residual effect of the rugby scrum near the mound. Carlos Quentin is a large man, and that first shot fractured Greinke’s collarbone. The Dodgers will probably (mere speculation) put their $147-million man on the 15-day disabled list, depending on the extent of the fracture, with plans to rehab him in six weeks or so. The Dodgers should have him back by June.

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