Carmelo Anthony Says Derrick Rose Will Come Back When He’s Good And Ready

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Stop trying to make Derrick Rose happen. It’s not going to happen.

That’s the message New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has for the legions of NBA fans who are still holding out hope that Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose will return from injury in time to play in the playoffs.

“I wish y’all would stop rushing Derrick back,” said Anthony, whose Knicks could potentially play Rose’s Bulls in the Eastern Conference playoffs. “Please. He shouldn’t come back until he’s about 110 percent ready. I don’t think he should come back if he’s not ready to go out there and play. If he can’t compete at a high level, then what’s a couple more months going to do? What’s two more months going to do? I don’t think he should come back, and that’s just my opinion.”

Anthony conceded that he has no inside information about the status of Rose’s rehab. He went on to say that he feels bad for Rose, because he has to answer questions every day about when he’ll be back on an NBA court.

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The latest reports says that Rose, who tore his ACL in the first game of the 2012 playoffs, has been medically cleared to return to the court. However, he still hasn’t regained confidence in his knee and is said to be contemplating waiting until the start of next season to return.

“Whenever he’s ready, he’s ready,” said Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. “We made that clear. That’s where it stands.”

In recent months, a number of high-profile athletes have returned from ACL injuries in record time, the most notable being the NFL’s Adrian Peterson. Peterson tore both his ACL and MCL in late December, 2011 and was back on the field for Week 1 of the 2012 season. Incredibly, he went on to rush for over 2,000 yards and was named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player.

Some have speculated that the success of players like Peterson has raised fan expectations to unreasonable levels with regards to players returning from injuries. Injury experts have cautioned that everyone heals differently and that cases like Peterson’s are the exception to the rule, rather than the new norm.

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