Chompy The Shark Gives Fisherman a Holy Sh** Moment (VIDEO)

shark attack video

Photo via YouTube

Isaac Brumaghim has posted plenty of videos on YouTube depicting himself fishing from his kayak.

Most of his videos garner a few hundred views, sometimes more than a thousand.

His latest clip, however, is faring remarkably better in the viewership department. It’s currently sitting at half a million and climbing.

Why? A cameo. While Brumaghim was reeling in a respectable catch, a hungry and opportunistic shark — affectionately nicknamed Chompy, we assume by Brumaghim — realized there is indeed such a thing as a free lunch.

Had Chompy arrived on the scene just a few seconds later, it probably would have scored the added delicious bonus of Brumaghim’s hand.

When the encounter was all over, Brumaghim did what any of us would have done in the same situation. He swore.

The status of his undergarments is unknown, but presumed soiled.

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