Food to Get Her In the Mood: Popeye’s Chicken? (VIDEO)

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Plenty of foods are said to have aphrodisiac properties.

Oysters are said to raise sperm count due to the high zinc content; bananas have a suggestive phallic shape and lots of libido-lifting potassium; pomegranate juice is believed to make both men and women feel especially randy.

Deer penis and shark’s fin soup are said to do the trick if you’re a horrible monster.

But here’s a new one to add the list: crispy, spicy, delicious, deep-fried Popeye’s Chicken.

A recent guest on The Steve Harvey Show explained — with no apparent shame or self-loathing — how Popeye’s Chicken gets her motor running.

“If he’s not doing what he’s supposed to in there, then I’m thinkin’ Popeye’s Spicy, Popeye’s Spicy, Popeyes’ Spicy — and it just gets me to where I need to be,” she said.


Hey, if the oysters and pomegranate juice don’t work, some Louisiana-style chicken tenders might be worth a shot.

A word of warning: fresh-out-the-fryer chicken can be extremely hot, so handle with care — especially when naked.

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