Is This a Real Alien? Documentary Showcases Alleged E.T. (VIDEO)

alien sirius documentary

Image via S.T.A.R. Research

Are aliens among us?

If so, can they fit in your pocket?

A new documentary answers both questions with a resounding “yes.”

Well, maybe.

The soon-to-be-released UFO documentary Sirius purports to show footage from the autopsy of a teensy weensy extraterrestrial discovered in Chile.

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The creepy little cosmonaut reportedly turned up during a search by ufologist Steven Greer, who filmed the new documentary thanks to $51,000 coughed up by Kickstarter backers.

Greer is one of the UFO enthusiast community’s most vocal proponents of the notion that governments around the world are covering up the truth about alien visitations to earth.

He hopes the footage of the alien autopsy, which reportedly concluded through DNA sequencing that the critter is a humanoid of unknown classification, will finally blow the lid off the global UFO conspiracy.

The trailer certainly has more than its share of alarmist footage: nuclear explosions, airplanes slamming into the World Trade Center, glaciers melting — that kind of stuff.

Although the film seems to focus largely on the possible propulsion systems of UFOs (and the efforts to keep them secret), the alleged autopsy of the tiny interstellar interloper will surely be what attracts most viewers.

And who knows — maybe it’s a real alien. The universe is incomprehensibly, brain-clobberingly enormous, and the human race is relatively young and stupid, so perhaps we are indeed being visited by aliens roughly the size of a Twinkie.

But it would be wise to keep in mind that alleged “alien autopsies” have surfaced before, and none have stood up to skeptical scrutiny.

The third one is our favorite:

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