The Single Most Entertaining Moment of WrestleMania 29 (VIDEOS)

wrestlemania 29 highlights

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World Wrestling Entertainment staged its biggest spectacle of the year last night, which is saying something, since the company puts on pretty enormous spectacles on an almost-daily basis.

More than 80,000 people crammed into New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, and millions more watched around the world, all expecting something truly unforgettable.

And during Brock Lesnar’s match against Triple-H, they got it.

Sure, the Undertaker’s battle against CM Punk will be remembered as the most exciting and captivating match, and John Cena’s rematch against The Rock nabbed most of the mainstream media attention.

But WrestleMania 29 should be forever enshrined in wrestling history as the show where Brock Lesnar did this:

Immortalized in slow-motion:

And remixed to haunt your nightmares:

The lesson to be learned: don’t piss off the hairless albino mountain gorilla.

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