Hockey Player Throws Stick at a Referee (VIDEO)

Sitting down to watch the Under-18 International Hockey Championships, what would you expect to see? Some of the world’s best junior hockey players, right? No doubt — the tournament was full of impressive teenagers.

It also featured some who still act like petulant children.

Have you ever seen a hockey player throw their stick at a referee? No? Well, then, let’s waste no time in getting you to the video.

What the hell was that?

I remember having sticks thrown at me while playing hockey, but maybe that’s because we were calling our own penalties and there was no referee available to abuse.

The player in question is a Lithuanian teenager who was clearly fed up with what he thought were some bad calls. Best case scenario, he closed his eyes and chucked his stick in frustration. Unfortunately for this youngster, it looks like he blatantly flung that stick like a weapon.

The level of unsportsmanlike behavior in this clip is pretty disgusting, but I’d like to focus on the referee. This guy takes it like a champ. Then he breaks up a potential square-off between the stick-throwing punk and a British player who wasn’t thrilled with the poor sportsmanship.

I’ve seen a few “bumps” of officials and referees in my years on the planet, but stick-chucking is a first.

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