Study Says Xbox Fanboys Are Better at Sex Than PS3 or PC Gamers

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Maybe all those guys loudly proclaiming on Xbox Live that they had sex with your mom weren’t lying, after all. Maybe they were simply extolling the benefits of their practice regimen.

According to a decidedly unscientific survey administered by British coupons website, gamers who play on the Xbox 360 primarily are better at sex than those who prefer gaming on a PlayStation 3, Wii or a PC.

The survey asked 1,747 partners of gamers to rate the abilities of their significant other in the sack.

Overall, gamers rated somewhat poorly. Just 11 percent of respondents rated their partner as “excellent,” while 27 percent said “good” and 26 percent said “average.” Receiving a “below average” rating were 20 percent of gamers — one in five people — suggesting that gamers don’t necessarily make the best lovers.

Breaking down the results by console showed that those who game on the Xbox scored higher than all others. Over half of Xbox gamers — 54 percent, to be exact — were rated as good or higher. Twice as many Xbox gamers were rated excellent as were in the overall numbers.

Wii gamers came in second (in the poll… but perhaps also in bed), with 47 percent rated as good or above.

Bringing up the rear were PC gamers, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Only three percent of PC gamers were rated excellent and only eight percent were very good.

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