KFC Thinks Chicken Will Sell Better Without Bones or Skin

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KFC is on the verge of introducing a revolutionary new product that the company’s president says is “the biggest new product introduction for KFC in modern times.”

That product? Chicken without bones or skin.

No, KFC’s mad scientists haven’t created some kind of freakish super chicken that waddles around with its muscles exposed to the elements. The chicken meat sold at KFC will continue to be derived from regular chickens with bones and skin and feathers (and not enough space to run around).

The revolutionary element in KFC’s new Original Recipe Boneless product is that the bones and skin will be removed before the chicken is cooked, resulting in a product that’s similar to chicken nuggets and chicken tenders.

This means no more sucking those last few bits of meat off a drumstick; no more peeling off the crunchy, greasy skin and eating it all in one artery-clogging bite. For a lot of people, those were the best parts of eating at KFC.

Photo credit: KFC

It’s a bold move for KFC — and it’s one that’s been in the works for three years. The goal is to make the chicken easier to eat in a car, which KFC believes will result in more lunchtime sales (which have suffered in recent years).

“This will be one of the great American turnaround stories,” said John Cywinski, president of the fried chicken giant.

Original Recipe Boneless chicken starts rolling out to KFC restaurants across the nation in April. A two-piece meal complete with a side, biscuit and drink will retail for $4.99. For those who can’t bear to part with their boney, skinny chicken, KFC will sell a 10-piece bucket that comes with six pieces of the old chicken and four pieces of the new boneless stuff  for $14.99.

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