RIP Roger Ebert, Perhaps the Greatest Movie Critic Ever

Legendary film reviewer Roger Ebert has died, according to numerous sources.

He was 70 years old.

Only yesterday, Ebert posted a message on the Chicago Sun-Times blog about how he planned to take a “leave of presence.” He wrote that he intended to scale back his movie reviewing (he reviewed a staggering 306 of them last year), but that he would still write “selected reviews … only the movies I want to review.” He also announced the re-launch of

Ebert had battled cancer of the thyroid and salivary gland for many years, losing the lower part of his jaw in 2006 (and, with it, the ability to speak).

Ebert will be remembered for many things, but perhaps his greatest legacy will be the trademark thumbs up/thumbs down scores he assigned to the films he reviewed.

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