Golfer Bubba Watson Made a Hovercraft Golf Cart (And It’s Not an April Fools’ Day Prank)

Check the calendar. It’s April 2. This video was posted earlier today.

Maybe it’s a late entry to the April Fools’ Day party crapfest we all just experienced? Nope, all indications are that it’s legitimate (even if it does sound too good to be true).

Photo credit: BubbasHover on YouTube

Professional golfer Bubba Watson really did partner with Oakley to commission the creation of the “BW1,” a hovercraft golf cart. As he says in the video, it can traverse fairways, greens, sand traps and even water hazards. What took so long for someone to think of this?

Dreaming up a golf cart that can hover actually isn’t the craziest thing Watson, who’s known in the golf world as a bit of a wild child, has done in recent months. Previously, he recorded an insane rap song along with fellow PGA Tour members Ben Crane, Ricky Fowler and Hunter Mahan — the Golf Boys.

Sadly, you won’t be seeing Watson’s hovercraft at any PGA Tour events in the near future — the PGA doesn’t allow golf carts, instead requiring all golfers to walk the course — but that won’t make it any less awesome.

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