Oral Sex News: Male Bats Go Down to Please Batgirls

bats oral sex

Image via tomhodges.com

Ever wonder why Batgirl always has that coquettish grin on her face?

Scientists in India, surely to the chagrin of bats in India, have spent an awful lot of time watching the winged mammals get busy.

In a colony of 420 fruit bats, the scientists observed plenty of hanky panky — both the traditional, making-bat-babies way and the recreational, oral way.

In fact, most bats preferred to give their mates the around-the-world treatment, starting with about 50 seconds of cunnilingus, switching to intercourse for another half-minute or so, then switching back to oral for a couple more minutes.

bats oral sex

Photo via birdsofeden.co.za

They’re not exactly sexual superheroes, given that the whole shebang is over so quickly, but they set a selfless example that more men would be wise to follow.

Gross detail: the scientists speculate that the purpose of the oral sex might be partly to clean away the sperm left behind by other males.

You might just want to ignore that part.

No word on whether the male bats fall asleep instantly or sneak out of the cave afterward.

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