Hoops Conspiracy? Fan Video Aims to Prove the NBA Is Rigged to Help the 2013 Lakers (VIDEO)

Who’s in the mood for a good sports conspiracy video? Because I’ve got a great one for you. If it blows up, it could be the greatest one ever.

Photo credit: Associated Press / Jeffrey Phelps

The video above was posted (and presumably edited, too) by YouTube user mathewsoa. It features a number of clips for recent NBA games which strongly suggest that league officials are deliberately attempting to help the Los Angeles Lakers win games.

Some background for those who don’t follow the NBA closely: the Lakers are, of course, one of the league’s most storied franchises and home to many of the biggest stars in the game. Due to a number of factors, most notably injuries, the Lakers are struggling to earn a berth in the NBA playoffs this year. As things stand right now, the team sits in ninth place in the Western Conference — one spot back of the playoffs.

It’s safe to assume the NBA would prefer the Lakers to be in the playoffs. A Lakers-less playoffs would get significantly lower television ratings and, thus, damage the league financially.

But is it safe to assume that NBA officials would conspire to call games in such a way as to give the Lakers a decidedly unfair advantage? If such allegations were proven true, they would surely shake the basketball world to its very core.

It’s difficult to watch the above video and come to any other conclusion, though. Edited behind a clip of ESPN’s Bill Simmons talking about the “Lakers get every call variable” is clip after clip of the Lakers either getting away with obvious fouls or getting the benefit of very weak foul calls on the part of their opponents.

Perhaps the single most damning clip is at the 3:10 mark in the video. Late in a game against the Sacramento Kings, Kobe Bryant takes a long shot. You can see the official at the top of the screen watch Kobe take the shot and then track the ball all the way to the basket, where it doesn’t go in. He then turns back to Kobe and decides to call a foul. Not only is the call obscenely late, but there was no foul to be seen upon viewing the replay of the play.

As Simmons says in the audio clip, the Lakers are going to be in the playoffs. It’s becoming more and more clear that there’s nothing even the Lakers players themselves can do to prevent that inevitability.

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3 Responses to Hoops Conspiracy? Fan Video Aims to Prove the NBA Is Rigged to Help the 2013 Lakers (VIDEO)

  1. Yep. Pretty damning. I will say that Ron Artest has gotten away with over aggressive lots-o-foul play his entire career. It’s like refs think that the hustle merits a little extra something, or maybe they’re just scared of the obvious instability of “World Peace.”

    Some of these calls are really bad. Really. Bad.

    Now, let’s consider the jersey retirement of Shaq tonight… It’d probably be smart to bet on the Lakers…

  2. I used to think in was only against teams that didn’t have out of control superstars that sell lots of shoes. The video looks too convincing about poor calling. The 2006 Finals showed some one sided calls but this video was out of this world.

    Hard to watch any sports being controlled by some secret agenda (or even worse, the league do nothing when it appears some of the bad calls were made AFTER review).

  3. lets not forget about when kobe got fouled on the buzzer beater and no call and he got hurt come on now refs are refs!! and if you are gonna get on the lakers to me the heat are cheating yr gonna buy players to win a ring! you guys dont shit about basketball!