Oakland Raiders Score Matt Flynn in Trade With Seahawks

Photo via ESPN

Carson Palmer wasn’t interested in restructuring his contract with the Oakland Raiders, so the Oakland Raiders brass has decided to make Palmer expendable.

Matt Flynn, who was paid big by Seattle last season before the Seahawks drafted rookie phenom Russell Wilson, will join the Raiders — and at a relatively low trade cost. No high-round draft picks. No absurd amounts of cash. Just a quick, unexpected, undramatic move that reminds us that Al Davis is really dead.

As a longtime fan of Flynn since his college days at LSU, I pity the guy for ending up in the black hole. Unless the Oakland coaching staff is interested in asking Flynn what worked so well in Green Bay — and during his successful season in Seattle — it seems that the former NCAA BCS Champion will enjoy the same spoils of recent Raiders quarterbacks.

Flynn has served as a career backup, but has always played incredibly well when stepping on the field as a starter. We all remember his record-setting game against Detroit in the final regular season game of 2011-2012, but few remember how well he played versus New England late in 2010, when Aaron Rodgers was sidelined with a concussion.

Will Flynn finally be tapped the starter in Oakland, or will he just shuffle around on the sideline behind Terelle Pryor, or serve as the stopgap until Pryor is “ready?”

Shifting back to Carson Palmer, to satisfy my irritation…

This dude needs to write a book entitled “How Not to Do the Crap You’re Contracted to Do, and Still Be Rewarded For It.” For not restructuring his deal, Palmer will end up in the Phoenix area, offering his QB services to the Cardinals. There, he’ll be gifted the greatest receiver in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald.

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2 Responses to Oakland Raiders Score Matt Flynn in Trade With Seahawks

  1. Arizona gets luck, with a serviceable QB whose only responsibility is finding Larry Fitzgerald. Seattle get rid of a potential albatross in Flynn, and Oakland is a Terrelle Pryor/Darren MCFadden trade away from the last of Al’s big, questionable moves.

    • James Sheldon
      James Sheldon says:

      Terrelle Pryor, most definitely. I think McFadden is the type that would get out, and have an immediate Pro Bowl season. Oakland is just a cancerous football environment. Maybe if their fans were more concerned about winning than trying to protect an archaic reputation, they might actually have some players who would want to stick around. It’s a good move for Flynn. Was just hoping to see him end up in Arizona, Buffalo or somewhere with someone to throw to.