Kevin Ware Went Down Hard, But He’s Already Up Again (VIDEO)

Kevin Ware is a very tough young man. He pretty much personified toughness when his fellow Louisville Cardinals did battle with the Duke Blue Devils on Sunday.

You’ve probably seen the video. If you haven’t, here’s your warning of incredibly graphic content. It’s the worst basketball injury I have ever seen in terms of what you can actually see. If you’re vaguely curious, just block your field of view, and watch the reaction of his teammates on the Louisville bench, and the subsequent reaction of all the other players on the floor.

When you see something like that, your instincts tell you he might never play again. Ignore those instincts. Look at Ware just a few hours after his injury:

Photo via Twitter

So much for a career-ending injury.

According to Louisville head coach Rick Pitino, his sophomore guard just kept telling teammates to “win the game,” as his leg dangled and his broken tibia protruded from the flesh.

Can we nominate this guy for a badass award of some sort?

His friends, family and teammates have added that he’s in great spirits following the injury, and Louisville’s victory.

Growing up near Atlanta, Ware should be able to make the trip with his teammates to the Georgia Dome to enjoy the Final Four festivities beginning this week. Louisville, which went on to destroy Duke in the second half of the Elite Eight match-up, will play the Cinderella squad from Wichita State University on Saturday evening.

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  1. shirley jenkins says:

    When I saw yo injured last evening, I prayed. I’m not surprised to see you on your feet today…God answers prayers. I wish you God speed my brother. Will be looking forward to seeing you play next year. It’s gonna happen…BELIEVE.