Christopher Nolan Offers ‘Interstellar’ Lead Role to Matthew McConaughey

Photo via Yahoo Movies

Matthew McConaughey seems to be working toward his career peak. Some might consider it a career renaissance, but it’s not as if the Matt-man went anywhere.

He has continued to work diligently since he blessed us all with his performance in Dazed and Confused. There have been only a few misses in his mix of hits. His recent projects, which have included smaller films and a few stretch roles, have greatly magnified his visibility and potential versatility.

McConaughey has now reportedly been contacted by the fine folks representing Christopher Nolan to star in Nolan’s next directorial effort, Interstellar. This is the same Interstellar that was the brainchild of Steven Spielberg years ago. The Oscar-winning director will remain on the project as a producer.

I’m as big a Nolan fanboy as there is. All of his films offer wonderfully complex and emotionally conflicted leading dudes. And Nolan still subscribes to the discipline of shooting films on film. How novel. That simple fact scores him some big points in my book.

The plot details on Interstellar are loose but the film will include Nolan’s collaboration with brother Jonathan Nolan, as well as the work of renowned physicist Kip Thorne.  They’ll be paying homage to the applied physics of Einstein’s theories about space, time and relativity, and most likely creating an amazing world that touches on everything familiar yet exists in a parallel, fictional universe. They’ll most certainly delve into the scientific principles of time travel, and they’ll also be shooting on IMAX film. Freaking. Awesome.

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