Alex Rodriguez Will Make More Money Than the Entire Houston Astros Roster in 2013

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MLB Opening Day 2013 is a mere three days away! Ah, I can smell the indifference in the air.

For those who love baseball yet struggle to understand why the game’s popularity has waned or why it can no longer be considered America’s pastime, I give you Exhibit A: Alex Rodriguez and his absurd contract.

Crunching the numbers, Rodriguez is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of big-market teams overpaying players in the hopes of buying a World Series title. Unfortunately for those fan bases, as well as those of us who genuinely love baseball, these contracts don’t always get the job done. They simply establish poor precedents. Affording talent has never equated to developing team chemistry, and it has killed player loyalty and parity throughout the league.

A-Rod, who is injured and probably won’t play at all this season, will make approximately $4 million more than the entirety of the 2013 Houston Astros roster, which, one would presume, will play all 162 regular season games. In greater detail, that’s $29 million for an injured, overrated cheater vs. $25 million for an entire MLB roster.

The beauty of it? Houston is now a member of the American League and will get some head-to-head action at Yankee Stadium in April and host the Yanks to close out the season in late September. It would be wonderful to see A-Rod on the field in Houston.

Sure, there are other guys in the bigs making comparable cash. It’s just that four out of six players making over $20 million in 2013 play for the easy-to-hate New York Yankees. I’m relatively indifferent when it comes to the roster of the Bronx Bombers but Rodriguez … that guy needs a harsh reality check.

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