One-Tweet Wonders: 11 Orphaned Tweets by Twitter Quitters

twitter quitters

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Cynics have been saying for years that the Internet — with its instant-gratification information overload — is destroying our attention spans.

Studies show that we can barely get through a whole sentence without boobs… pizza… sports… getting distracted.

Tweets — those 140-character nuggets of fleeting whateverisms — exemplify our inability to focus on anything for longer than it takes to burp.

The fact that many people lack even the attention spans to stick with Twitter beyond writing a single tweet, therefore, is probably a sign that the human race is doomed.

For every active, fascinating and engaging Twitter account, there are probably 50 that got set up, used once and then abandoned.

Some peculiar tweets that never had a follow-up (and probably never should:

11. Everyone needs a hobby…

10. Where’s Tommy Brag? Tommy Bragg doesn’t have time to spell it out.

9. Why tweet a lot when you get it right on the first try?

8. You’re signed up. That was a tweet. Watch your mouth.

7. By now, they’re probably stale

6. Soccer player has one tweet and 5,000 retweets. Gooooaaaallll!

5. Only one tweet and already an its/it’s blunder

4. All the latest Hollywood gossip from an August day in 2010!

3. She went a long way for that tweet

2. This isn’t LinkedIn.

1. Take a bow, One Tweet Pete

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