The Minnesota Vikings Are Getting New Uniforms And Helmets (And Jared Allen Loves Them)

On April 25, the day of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings will join the Miami Dolphins (and probably the Jacksonville Jaguars, too, though nothing has been confirmed on that front) in unveiling new helmets and uniforms.

The Vikings showed the world a new logo, which was just a slightly modified version of their old logo, back in February:

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It sounds like the changes the team plans to make to its uniforms will be much more significant. That doesn’t mean that purple and yellow are on the way out — there’s no chance of that — but it does mean that the designers over at Nike might have gotten their fingers pretty deep into this project.

In the run up to the official unveiling, the Vikings are giving fans a chance to “unlock” teaser images that could reveal parts of the new uniforms. The website just went live and it allows users to earn points by performing various tasks (mostly related to social media, such as liking a photo from the official Vikings Instagram account).

Don’t expect any major spoilers, however. This is the “clue” that you unlock with 500 points. It reveals that the Vikings uniforms will be inspired by real vikings — what a shocker!

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Not content with just taunting fans via a month-long scavenger hunt, the Vikings also posted this teaser video of defensive end Jared Allen unboxing and describing the team’s new helmet. He seems to love the design, but he definitely doesn’t give away any clues as to what it might look like:

The Vikings last changed uniforms in 2006, when they unveiled a uniform set with bold, sweeping white and purple stripes up the sides of the pants and under the sleeves. It’s expected that the Vikings’ new uniforms will have a more traditional look, perhaps along the lines of the throwback uniforms the team’s players have worn in recent years.

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