Finally, There’s Video of the Precise Moment X-Pac Tore His Anus Open (VIDEO)

On Monday, we brought you the shocking (and more-than-a-little disgusting) news of former WWE star Sean Waltman’s (better known to fans as X-Pac) torn anus.

Waltman ripped up his butthole while performing a wrestling move he’s executed without incident probably more than a thousand times in his career: the Bronco Buster. This time, however, his landing on the turnbuckle was a little off and the thin skin around his pink starfish suddenly became very red.

In the video above, you can pinpoint the precise moment when it happens — and when Waltman’s selling (a wrestling term for acting hurt) becomes real. You can also see Waltman say “I tore my ass” to the referee at 1:10. Like a champ, he manages to get up and finish the match, even taking a big bump through a table (which he maybe should have done belly-first, since he appears to have plenty of padding in that area these days).

Since the event was the emotional “retirement show” of his longtime friend (and frequent opponent) Jerry Lynn, Waltman was determined to finish the match.

Waltman was taken to hospital after the match, where he presumably received some of the most awkward stitches of all time.

He’s doing fine now, and he took to Twitter this morning to thank his fans for their support and to explain (in more detail than we needed) everything he’s gone through since the incident, including the emergency sphincterplasty (a real thing!) that saved him from having to have a colostomy bag.

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