LOOK! The Most Annoying Photograph Ever Taken

What happens when you put five of the most annoying D-List celebrities in the same room?


Most annoying photograph

Photo via Reddit

Let’s break it down, from left to right:

Chris Angel: The schmaltzy goth-punk “Mindfreak” hokey-pocus man whose Las Vegas show, Believe, was one of the disjointed and unsatisfying theatrical turds this writer has ever had the displeasure of sitting through.

Tom Green: The man who got famous for sucking milk from cow’s teats and for inexplicably getting the honor of also putting his mouth on Drew Barrymore’s.

Carrot Top: The disconcertingly muscular prop comedian whose schtick — pull odd item out of trunk, describe item, throw item away — is a popular distraction for Las Vegas tourists too drunk to figure out how the slot machines work.

Steve-O: The former Jackass who made a lucrative career out of torturing strangers and himself by pulling stunts like this, this and this.

Flava Flav: A guy who became an international star solely for saying the words “Yeahhhh, booiiiii” and for starring on several reality shows that scraped the bottom of the barrel until there was no bottom left to scrape.

The gang apparently got together this week in Las Vegas after a string of shows featuring Green and Steve-O, which surely lowered the average I.Q. of everyone in attendance.

So is it the most annoying photo ever taken?

If we can assume that the blonde in the blue dress standing in the background is Paris Hilton, then yes. Yes it is.

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