Did This High School Student Actually Bench Press 700 Pounds? (VIDEO)

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Photo via YouTube

Matt Poursoltani is known by his friends as “The Freak Show.”

Presumably this is due to the high-schooler’s inhuman weightlifting ability, not his inhuman hairiness, but it’s hard to know for sure.

This past weekend, the Texan teen bench-pressed 700 pounds, which is roughly the mass of your average polar bear.

The lift is reportedly just five pounds shy of the NFL bench press record held by Larry Allen.

Watch first, then let’s discuss:

The footage, while impressive, poses a few pesky questions.

Is it just us, or does the supposed “teen” look, oh, about 40? Surely the grainy quality of the video — and Matt’s strikingly simian appearance, complete with Lou-Ferrigno-in-1970 haircut — are partly to blame. But it’s still fair to guess that Matt might be in the midst of his senior year for the 20th consecutive time.

Another reason some gym monkeys might protest to the feat: Matt somehow shoehorned his voluptuous pectorals into a bench shirt, which is a super-stiff and somewhat controversial garment that provides some helpful spring-back to a bench press. Renowned powerlifter Scot Mendelson, for example, bench-pressed a whopping 1030 pounds while wearing a bench shirt, but only 715 pounds without it.

Plenty of purists will also surely point out that the barbell didn’t actually travel very far, partly on account of Matt’s stubby arms. They’re more like flippers, really.

That said, the “teen” definitely lifted something really, really, really heavy, for what that’s worth. Here’s hoping that, for his next feat, he lifts a polar bear.

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  1. butker black says:

    in real bench press competition the weight has to come down to the chest and pause till judge says press,that shows real bench press strength.he does look much older.