Justin Bieber Has Become a Neighborhood Nuisance, Say Justin Bieber’s Neighbors

Photo via GQ

Color me shocked. Justin Bieber is under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The allegations are battery against a neighbor. No details have been released, other than a statement that the altercation wasn’t hand-to-hand.

Knowing the Biebs, he probably threw something at his neighbor. And he was probably shirtless when he did it. It seems he’s shirtless everywhere he goes these days. Maybe he’s been spending a lot of time with Matthew McConaughey — I don’t know. But I do know the youngster has a history of throwing things at people.

Do you remember when he pelted a police officer with a water balloon a few years ago? He was just “joking around,” and his personal security team begged and pleaded with the officer to let it go, which, unfortunately, the officer did.

This behavior has reportedly become the norm in Bieber’s Calabasas neighborhood (a suburb in West Los Angeles County), and neighbors are reportedly sick and tired of it. One neighbor confronted the teen, addressing the loud parties, disruptive lifestyle and the Biebs driving through the neighborhood as if he’s on a closed race track. According to the neighbor, it was the reckless driving that really set him off. The confrontation quickly escalated into an altercation, capped with a call to law enforcement.

A few questions:

When you’re Justin Bieber, why would you even live in a neighborhood? Wouldn’t you score a sprawling palace on a private ranch? L.A. has plenty options to choose from, especially in Calabasas.

Does Justin Bieber realize he’s loathed as much as he’s “loved?” Does he really think he’s immune to getting punched in the teeth?

And finally…

Could one of the millions of Beliebers please buy the boy a shirt?

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