Fast Food Burgers “Probably” Contain Human DNA, Scientists Say It’s No Biggie

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Ready for a change from the recent barrage of stories about horsemeat being discovered in fast food? How about this one: South African scientists say that a lot of fast food “probably” contains human DNA.

Yep, when you eat a Big Mac or a Whopper, there’s a more-than-decent chance that you’re eating part of another person — the deoxyribonucleic acid part, to be specific.

Hold on, say those same scientists. It’s not a big deal, despite how disgustingly bad it sounds. It’s not really human flesh that you’re eating.

“It is possible that (if tested) we could find traces of human DNA in meat. However, even if we do find human DNA, it does not mean we are eating human flesh,” Botlhe Modisane, the Deputy Director-General of the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries said.

Instead, burgers, tacos and other fast food products containing ground meat are likely to contain traces of human blood (because slaughterhouse workers frequently cut themselves) or small fragments of hair, saliva or fingernails — all of which contain human DNA (as fans of CSI and SVU surely know).

I guess that makes it better… kind of…

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure exactly how much human DNA is in fast food because the South African scientists who came to this conclusion didn’t actually do any testing. Instead, they came to their conclusion using logic and the old-fashioned method of assuming.

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