10 Stupid Tweets That Will Totally Get People Fired

People tweet the damnedest things.

More than 340 million tweets are blasted out onto the Internet every single day, and an enormous proportion of those reveal a level of forethought and intelligence typical among dung beetles.

At least dung beetles have purpose in their dung-rolling lives. Plenty of Twitter users, on the other hand, are highly likely to find themselves without a proverbial dung-ball to push around for a living.

A newly launched German app called FireMe! finds and displays tweets from people who are soon going to be unemployed. Apparently unaware that Twitter is an open forum accessible to anyone (including their bosses), these numbskulls have ranted, whined, threatened bitched and otherwise mis-tweeted about work.

Here are 10 people practically begging to get fired. Language warning: these people are both dumb and vulgar.

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