Crazy Conspiracy Video Reveals Shapeshifting Alien Guarding Obama in Public (VIDEO)

They say that the best place to hide something is often in plain sight.

Photo via StillSpeakingOut on YouTube

That probably doesn’t apply when the something is a shape-shifting creature from outer space, nor when the plain sight is standing right in front of the most powerful man in the world while he’s speaking at an international conference and being filmed.

However, that’s exactly the accusation that’s made in the video below. Posted by YouTube user StillSpeakingOut (and reposted by a bunch of other tinfoil headgear enthusiasts), the video asserts that either Barack Obama or high-ranking Israeli officials employed a “shapeshifter alien humanoid” as a bodyguard at the AIPAC Conference in 2012 in Washington, D.C..

If that sounds ridiculous to you, that’s because it most certainly is. As crackpot conspiracy theories go, this particular pot is shattered to pieces.

The video’s still pretty fun to watch, though — even if for nothing more than laughing at the person who feels so at risk of repercussions from the secret alliance of aliens and Zionists that he or she has to use voice disguising technology.

Wait a minute, you guys. Upon second viewing of that video, I’m now convinced that the tall, dark-skinned, bald out-of-focus guy is totally from another planet. That fake CSI heat-sensing filter applied to the video at the end proves it without a doubt — his skin is green, for Pete’s sake! How can you get more alien than that?

We’re all doomed, man. The reptilians are already in control.

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  1. There’s a face on Mars too! I’ve seen it! It’s so strange that when you zoom a crappy video feed in super far and apply post-processing effects things become distorted and stop looking like they normally do!!