Nnamdi Asomugha Reportedly Choosing Between 49ers and Saints

Photo via Fan Sided

The Philadelphia Experiment proved a dismal failure for Nnamdi Asomugha. It was quickly and painfully obvious. The oft-withdrawn and intellectual Pro Bowl cornerback didn’t vibe in the City of Brotherly Love. Or maybe his despondency was based in the fact that he was consistently playing on teams that sucked.

Regardless, the new Philly regime wasted no time in cutting ties with the corner, most likely doing both parties a favor. The Eagles will owe Asomugha a respectable four million dollars next season, but money isn’t what we’re all interested in here. We want to know what uniform he’ll be wearing when training camp rolls around.

As it stands, he’ll be wearing some form of a golden helmet. Whether the trim is red and white or black and white remains to be seen. First, there were statements floating out of the rumor mill that Asomugha would join former Oakland Raiders teammate Charles Woodson back in the bay area, playing for the San Francisco 49ers. However, according to the most recent insider reports, New Orleans is pushing hard for the services of  Asomugha — and the Saints may even have the inside track.

According to other reports, Asomugha is “still torn” between New Orleans and San Francisco. This sounds like it’s probably the most accurate statement on his current mindset. Let’s roll with it.

Wherever he lands, he’ll serve as an immediate asset to a squad with a good shot at a Super Bowl run.

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