Brave/Stupid Wildlife Photographer Narrowly Escapes Crocodile Attack in Costa Rica (VIDEO)

If there was ever an amateur video that would make an excellent advertisement for telephoto lenses, it’s this one. Someone get the Canon people on the phone.

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The photographer in the video, identified only as Antonio by the seemingly dozens of friends and family members screaming at him for pretty much the entire duration of the clip (though the credits at the end suggest that his full name is probably Antonio Ruiz), would have saved himself quite a scare (and a dry-cleaning bill for his underwear) if he had just used a telephoto lens to snap some pictures of crocodiles in Costa Rica.

But he didn’t have one, so he made the very brave/very stupid decision to crouch down just a few feet from the water’s edge to get some close-up shots of the swimming crocodiles.

Then, he became so absorbed in his art that he forgot to check whether any of the crocs were eying him as a potential meal.

One of them was, and Antonio was lucky he clued in to that fact just in time to leave the scene with all of his limbs intact.

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