‘Breaking Bad’ Script Stolen; Holy Grail of Spoilers Still Missing

breaking bad season 5 spoilers

Photo via TMZ.com

A script from the final season of Breaking Bad has allegedly been stolen from the car of star Bryan Cranston.

To hardcore fans of the show, a mere glimpse of the script would provide an illicit rush that would rival a hit of Mr. White’s sea-blue meth.

Cranston reported earlier this month that his car had been been broken into and a bag full of stuff — including an iPad and one of the most drooled-over scripts in television history — had been yanked through a passenger-side window.

stolen breaking bad script

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A New Mexico man named Xavier McAfee has been arrested, after he was allegedly overheard bragging about the crime. No word on whether McAfee is a meth-head who was seeking some loot to swap for drugs, but the irony of that would be so rich it would make you chubby.

Here’s the most intriguing detail of the case: the script has not yet been recovered. It’s still out there, floating around, taunting fans with some of the biggest potential spoilers ever leaked.

The show went on hiatus last year with a monumental cliffhanger: Walter White’s brother-in-law Hank, a DEA officer, finally figured out that Walter is Albuquerque’s resident drug overlord. The moment Hank had his eureka moment (on the toilet, where most such moments happen), the show went into its excruciatingly long mid-season hiatus.

For addicts who are too jittery to wait for the show’s final turn in July, the missing-in-action script could be the Holy Grail of spoilers.

Until the script is found and the spoilers revealed, we can only offer our theory about how Breaking Bad will conclude: it was all just a crazy dream. Fin.

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