Sean “X-Pac” Waltman Literally Busted His Ass (PHOTO)

sean waltman bleeding

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When Sean “X-Pac” Waltman went for his patented “Bronco Buster” at a wrestling show in Minneapolis this past weekend, he evidently busted something for real.

There’s no pleasant way to phrase this, so we’ll just come out with it: there was an alarming amount of anal bleeding.

The Bronco Buster, in case you haven’t seen it, sees Waltman dive ass-first at a prone opponent sitting in the corner of the ring, against whom Waltman repeatedly slams his butt as if riding a rodeo bull.

Still can’t picture it or conjure it from memory? It looks like this:

It is one of many reasons critics of professional wrestling deride the faux sport for being both homophobic or homoerotic.

Waltman has performed the Bronco Buster thousands of times during his long career in WWE, WCW and now wrestling’s independent circuit, so it’s unclear why, exactly, he busted his ass on this occasion. Deadspin reported that Waltman performed the version of the move where his opponent moves away at the last minute and he ends up striking the turnbuckle with his rear end, so that’s probably the culprit.

He’s apparently fine now, according to this strangely chipper tweet from his girlfriend:

Oddly, the massive anal bleeding is not the most revolting thing ever to happen around Waltman’s nether regions.

If you have seen the adult film 1 Night in Chyna, you know exactly what we mean.

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