Low-Stakes Gambler Will Win $10,000 on $10 Bet if FCGU Beats Florida

Photo credit: Michael Perez / Associated Press

A man who works as a casino host in Las Vegas — he says it’s for a major casino, but won’t say which one — may have made the bet of the year. Heck, it might be the bet of the century.

Ricky Jay Fredricks says that he was owed $5 by his roommate, but the two guys decided to settle the debt by having the roommate place a $10 bet on unlikely March Madness Cinderellas Florida Gulf Coast University winning the South Regional. The two planned to split the winnings in the extremely unlikely event that the bet paid off.

Well, the extremely unlikely just became the somewhat likely.

If FGCU manages to beat heavily-favored Florida on Friday, the payoff for the $10 bet will be $10,000, the result of 1,000-to-1 odds.

Skeptical? Here’s a photo of the ticket:

Photo via espn.com

Fredricks told ESPN that he’s a casual gambler, but that his roommate bets on sports regularly:

“My roommate placed a bunch of bets, and this is just the one he randomly gave me,” Fredricks said. “I don’t think he intended for them to actually win. He has a much larger bet on Florida to win the championship, as well as a large wager on the field bet.”

Fredricks said he doesn’t expect FGCU to come through and win him the share of $10,000, but that it should still be a fun ride.

“It’s a fun sweat for good friends,” Fredricks said. “Five thousand for five dollars. Would be a nice return on investment.”

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