Bill Gates Is Giving $100,000 to Whoever Invents a Better Condom

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Continuing his momentum as the most awesome philanthropist in the world, Bill Gates (along with wife Melinda) has a new plan for eliminating poverty and disease in third world nations: futuristic condoms.

It makes a lot of sense, actually. Condoms obviously prevent the spread of many diseases, but they have the added benefit of limiting population growth, which leads to less competition for food and scarce healthcare resources. Better condoms would presumably amplify these benefits.

Through the Grand Challenges in Global Health Program, Gates is offering a grant of $100,000 for whoever designs “the next generation condom.” Exactly what he means by that is up to you, brave inventor!

You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Great, Bill Gates wants a cheaper, more durable condom. That sounds exactly like something I’d want to put on my penis. If there’s one company that knows what it means to be truly sexy, it’s Microsoft, maker of Excel and PowerPoint.”

Nope. Gates wants to accomplish the same goal as private condom manufacturers and every condom consumer — a thinner rubber that’s more pleasurable to wear.

The rationale is that it’s hard enough to convince people in nations where STDs are a major problem to use condoms with the reputation that they have now. If condoms were less of a pain to use (and more fun), more people would use them.

It’s unclear whether Gates will be personally testing the condoms eligible for the $100,000, but he is a noted perfectionist…

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