Bizarre Track and Field Injury Leads to Death of Texas Teenager

Joshua Ramirez
Photo via Amarillo Globe-News

At a recent track meet in Houston, Texas,  a young athlete by the name of Joshua Ramirez was warming up for an afternoon of competition. During his stretching regimen, he was struck in the hip by a rogue discus.

Details are a bit sketchy as to how the disc got loose, but, all things considered, such a happening is not a big surprise. At high school track meets, it’s not uncommon to see errant throws, accidental drops and more than a few poor decisions about transporting equipment. (Batons, discs, shoes, bags — they’re all known to go flying from time to time.) And often, runners and throwers will try to find more space to warm up and end up getting too close to one another. The track meet environment is organized chaos.

After he was struck, Ramirez was attended to by an athletic trainer, who recommended a hospital visit if the pain was bad enough. The concern at the time was for a potential fracture. Instead, Ramirez did what many athletes do — he walked it off.

Two days later, he met with his trainer again and then headed to a local hospital for a second opinion. Ramirez and his family were pleased with the diagnosis of a bruised hip. Unfortunately, the pain persisted — and became unbearable over the next couple of days.

Two days after his initial diagnosis, his family took him to the hospital again, and he was immediately admitted to ICU. Within five days, the high school freshman died due to the residual effects of the injury.

To the family and small Texas community who lost a favorite son, our thoughts, well-wishes and prayers are with you.

To those of you who experience some random, blunt force trauma down the line, be sure to get it checked out immediately.

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