It’s Illegal to Eat Roadkill in Montana – But Not for Long!

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Montana foodies looking for that tough, rubbery, slightly furry texture one can only find in wild game slaughtered by surprise at the side of the road used to have to travel out of state to find satisfaction.

Soon, that will change.

Montana is about to pass a bill that will make eating roadkill legal. The bill recently passed through the Montana senate and all it needs now is a signature from the governor.

This doesn’t mean that squished squirrels will be fair game for dinner plates, though. The new law was originally going to include a wide range of “birds and ‘fur-bearing animals’,” but lawmakers trimmed the list down to just four species of large mammals: antelope, deer, elk and moose.

In other words, you need a pretty hefty vehicle if you want to kill an animal, not end up in the hospital yourself, and then manage to get the carcass home to grill up. Drivers of mid-sized sedans need not apply.

You also need a permit, issued by a peace officer like a cop or a park ranger, before you can take the body anywhere. Let’s hope that the application process is speedy — aged meat can be delicious, but it’s a little different when the steaks and ribs are rotting under the hot sun, with birds and bugs all around.

The law also specifies that you can’t intentionally kill an animal you see on the road, which will probably disappoint many aspiring backseat hunters out there.

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