Size Doesn’t Matter? Woman Divorces Man Over Small Penis


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Roughly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce.

Roughly 50 percent of penises are below-average size.

Coincidence? Scientifically, yes, total coincidence. Anecdotally, well, here’s an anecdote that’ll make you wonder.

After four years of marriage, a middle-aged Taiwanese couple is divorcing due to irreconcilable differences. Those differences: she was hoping for a well-endowed man, and he ain’t one.

It seems the woman, however, is a nasty, heartless witch, because she told the media about the teensiness of her hubby’s package.

“It’s like a kid’s,” the 52-year-old woman named told reporters.


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Ouch. Low blow, lady.

No matter how dissatisfied a woman is in the bedroom, mocking her man’s manhood in the media is akin to ripping out his beating heart and eating it in front of him.

Although the public shaming of her husband is seriously uncool, the woman probably does have a somewhat valid gripe.

According to her, the man refused to have sex with her until they were married, so she only learned about his wee wee-wee (and his unwillingness to use it) on their wedding night.

“He’s also impotent and unable to fulfill his responsibility as a husband,” she blabbed to the press. “We quarreled the whole night and I asked him to seek treatment.”

Perhaps, in fairness, the man could have made more of an effort to remedy the problem.

The couple does live in Taiwan, after all. Surely there’s a penis-enlargement pump factory within a stone’s throw of their apartment.

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